Dear Commissioner

Dear Commissioner:

I write to you about last week’s championship match while all of it is fresh in my mind. In short, the games lived up to the ideals contained in our mission statement: high-level competition and true sportsmanship.

The sportsmanship and camaraderie among rivals was truly impressive. Team Bada Bing, who would eventually emerge victorious, were actually cheering, and I think hugging, team La Famiglia after La Famiglia knocked out Bada Bing’s points! Bada Bing arrived with its own cheering section, who were highly amused when one of its players went bare chested when changing his shirt. I was also thrilled by the level of cooperation among captains and players. Measurements were swift and accurate, and the results unchallenged.

The competition was high-level and befitting of a championship match. There were knockouts, bump ups, and two controversial shots, one of which turned out to be a leaner, and one not. The match went for three games, with the last one coming down to the wire, resulting in a 12-11 win for Bada Bing. La Famiglia barely missed in its attempts to knockout Bada Bing’s winning point. A different bounce of the ball would have produced a different result. That’s bocce.

Sitting there Frank and I were proud and happy to be part of it all. The long, grueling month and the final night produced a well-deserved championship for Bada Bing. La Famiglia, which had a wonderful regular season, fought hard to the end.

All of this should make Christine extremely proud. Everybody lived up to the high standards Pete set for us. I am excited for next season – we all should be!


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